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We provide the skilled and informative health care that YOU deserve

When you walk through the doors of Alternatives For Women you are met with a friendly greeting and a warm office setting.  The Congratulations! board above our cushioned office chairs, lists the names of women whose babies Martha has recently delivered.  Our exam rooms feature diverse magazines and colorful health care materials on the walls.  And, we give satin gowns to women who come in for annual exams, rather than the scratchy white paper gowns oftentimes provided to women at OB/GYN offices.

We place an emphasis on educating women about their bodies and their health so that they may take an active role in their health care.  To that end, we like women to leave our office armed with plenty of reading materials.  Before leaving our website, please stop by our Links page for some of the sites, books and health care related materials that we recommend.













About Martha Drohobyczer

Martha Drohobyczer is a Certified Nurse-Midwife (C.N.M.) dedicated to providing women with quality health care, diverse treatment options, plenty of time and health education.  She opened Alternatives For Women in 1998 to make available the type of health care that she knew Las Vegas women needed.  

Martha received the First Lady’s Award from the governor’s office for
     providing outstanding health care to women

She is licensed by The State of Nevada to provide primary care to women

She has served on several Nevada State Board of Nursing committees

You may have seen Martha profiled in:

The Learning Channel program Maternity Ward

Nevada Woman magazine

Las Vegas Weekly

The Las Vegas Review-Journal

Health Segments on Channel 13 News

To read more about Martha's media appearances, please visit our In The Media page

Our Philosophy

We support the belief that every individual has the right to safe, satisfying health care with respect for individual, sexual, religious, genetic, financial and cultural diversity, with the right to adequate information, and active participation and decision-making in all aspects of her care.  

Each client is valued as a co-participant in achieving and maintaining an optimal state of wellness.  Our objective is to provide varied options and the highest level of education and services available to each patient.

Methods of Payment

We are pleased to offer services at reasonable rates and most insurance plans pay for visits to Alternatives For Women.  It is best to check with your insurance company for payment information prior to your appointment, or provide us with your insurance information so we can contact them for you.  

We also accept MasterCard, Visa and cash.  We no longer accept checks.

Certified Nurse-Midwives

The difference between Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) and OB/GYNs are:

The difference most important to our patients is time.  CNMs frequently spend more time with patients asking questions about their job, family, eating habits, health history, etc.  CNMs provide holistically minded health care with the patient in mind.  We understand that frequent head aches, for example, might stem from poor nutritional habits as well as a poor work environment.  Martha takes the time to ask questions to ease or alleviate the health problems that you are having.

CNMs also believe in alternative treatments.  This means that for menopausal symptoms (for example), Martha may recommend an all-natural supplement in addition to, or instead of, a written prescription.  In the State of Nevada, as in most states, CNMs are licensed to write prescriptions.

CNMs are focused on education in order to involve the patient in making health care decisions.  We empower women to take charge of their bodies and make appropriate health care decisions.  This is only possible if women are educated about their bodies.  

A CNM is not a doctor.  A CNM is a nurse who has taken the courses necessary to become certified by the American College of Nurse Midwives to provide obstetric and gynecologic care to women including: PAP smears, birth control, menopausal care, and prenatal care and delivery.

CNMs usually do not perform any kind of surgery.  They work with a collaborating physician who will perform procedures like C-sections or colposcopies if necessary.  Martha's collaborating physician is Dr. Sheldon Paul.

CNMs do not take certain types of high-risk patients like a patient pregnant with twins.

CNMs usually deliver at hospitals or birthing centers.

For more information on Certified Nurse-Midwives, please visit our Links section