Certified Nurse Midwife
Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist - Board Certified

(702) 365-9929
         2810 S. Jones Blvd., Suite 3           Las Vegas, Nevada 89146
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Thank you Martha, for making the birth of our son a wonderful experience!  
Danya and Jason W.


Hello! I to wanted a midwife and found a great one in Martha! She delivers at UMC and
is a CNM. She has her own office on Jones with a great RN named Yami. I had actually
started with another midwife before I was preganant as my regular OB/GYN but when
I became pregnant and called for an appointment was told I had to wait minimum of 10
weeks and then they couldn't fit me it with an open appointment until I was about 14
weeks! Needless to say I started looking for another mid-wife and found Martha. I
called and they said "would you like to come in today?" I was floored!! Martha is real
easy going, she takes her time with you and will talk as long as you want and answer
any and all questions. I too had a list of approved mid-wives and figured I'd try doing a
search on each of their names in I came up with a lot of info on Martha
because she is very involved in the community and on all types of boards. The office
staff (her name is Alex) is really nice too. I hope this helps you out some. Feel free to
email me with any other questions. Oh- and I've seen Martha at least 5 times now so
feel I have a pretty good gadge of her.

Thank you so much for the care of both myself and Baby Bear Ross.  My husband and
I are both very grateful for the wonderful way that you handled my pregnancy.

You did a wonderful job in helping us to bring Brittany into the world.  You are a very
caring person.  I'm glad I am your patient and I would recommend you to anyone.  
Thank you for everything.  Love always,